COVID-19 Information

1. Snapshot
2. Business
    a. $1500 JobKeeper subsidy to keep staff employed
    b. Tax Free payments up to $100,000 for employers
    c. Increase and extension of the instant asset write off
    d. Accelerated depreciation deductions
    e. Wage subsidy of up to 50% of an apprentice or trainee wage
    f. ATO assistance and support
    g. Access to financial support
    h. Support from State and Territory Governments
     i. Qld
        1. Payroll Tax
        2. Rent Relief
        3. Electricity Bill Relief
        4. Concession Loans of up to $250K with an initial interest free period
    ii. Other States
3. Individuals
4. Relief for Financially Distressed individuals and Business
    a. Company solvency safety net
    b. Temporary relief for directors for trading while insolvent
    c. Bankruptcy safety net
5. Moratorium on Evictions and rent relief
    a. Bank support for landlords who do not evict commercial tenants
    b. SMSFs with commercial property that provide rent relief to a related party
6. Superannuation
    a. Temporary early release of superannuation
    b. Temporary reduction of pension minimum drawdown rates
7. 12 Strategies to help business Owners in the Current Climate 
8. Resources/Links

9. Contact Us - Click here to download the COVID 19 Stimulus and Support Measures Guide

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